With the upcoming debut of the Utopia of the SeasSM, it’s never been easier to treat yourself to a long weekend full of tropical R&R. Over the course of four days — the perfect amount of time for a breezy getaway — you’ll frequent the likes of unblemished beaches, savor frozen libations and plunge down waterslides of goosebump-inducing height. For an introductory glimpse to give your imagination a head start on daydreaming, read on.


The capital of the Bahamas claims prime real estate in many vacation fantasies; after all, few ports can hope to compete with its pedigreed sun-kissed shores, crystal-clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life and charming colonial architecture. The air is always infused with a sea breeze, Calypso rhythms and the scent of bold island flavors. There’s truly something for everyone with your time in port here … maybe you’d like to snorkel in the warm waters with the hope of spotting stingrays and dolphins. Or perhaps you’d rather dive into Nassau’s history, with a tour of its colorful past (think: swashbucklers, bootleggers and blockade-runners) through its colonial fortresses, historic landmarks and captivating museums.


There are beach days, and then there are beach days — the sort of experiences that lodge their way into your memory like a conch into its shell. Perfect Day at CocoCay is the latter; at Royal Caribbean’s award-winning private island in the Bahamas, you’re free to soak up the sun however you like: beachside, poolside, atop a tube in a lazy river or careening down any of the many waterslides. Take long walks along the stunningly gorgeous isle, or refreshing siestas in a private cabana.


While the cruise itinerary might only list two destinations (besides the sunny starting and stopping point of Port Canaveral, Florida), it fails to capture the magic of cruising between ports. Specifically, it fails to capture the magic of cruising on board a ship like the Utopia of the Seas between ports. As the latest ship from Royal Caribbean (set to launch summer 2024), this Oasis-Class vessel promises to provide unmatched weekend energy on every inch of the ship. Pool days for every mood with five unique styles of pool found across the deck (not to mention the high-speed waterslides of the Perfect Storm), craveable and savor-able meals across 20 dining options and more ways to play — thanks to more than 20 bars, entertainment spots, casinos, live music venues and showstopping entertainment — all add up to one undeniable fact: This isn’t just a long weekend cruise. It’s the next big thing coming to vacations.

Luckily enough, our agents have great professional rapport with Royal Caribbean; meaning an ideal way to experience all of the above yourself is through their professional guidance. Not only will you have plenty of time to enjoy all of the above, but you’ll also enjoy professional insights, exclusive perks and plush amenities most typical travelers don’t even know they’re missing. Our agents know the art of travel — heck, they do it for a living — so we can help you choose, plan and book your cruise vacation to perfection.