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The first time I went to Thailand, I fell in love with it. You can literally eat your way through this country!

About Andrea Andrade

About Andrea Andrade

Today I manage the Luxury Travel Division of Platinum Journeys, but my love of travel started early.

As a child on cross country trips with my family here in the U.S. We would explore various National Parks, the lights of Las Vegas, deserts, prairies, mountains and natural wonders.  I believe that this is where my love of wildlife started. Buffalo, wolves, bears and elk flourish across America, and so did I.

Then we went to Mexico, home of my father. I tasted my way through Grandma’s kitchen and experienced local wildlife. Pumas, lynxes, coyotes, armadillos, monkey species and lizards awaited me as we visited many parts of Mexico.  The beautiful beaches of Mazatlán and the Yucatan backed up to the jungle combining my favorite experiences of animal wildlife and the beach.

Over thirty-five years later, my love of wildlife and beach comes into play everyday as I plan bespoke vacations to Africa, Thailand and Viet Nam, Galapagos, Croatia, Greece, Bali and Japan.

My experience in Europe consists of many visits to Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Prague.

I am definitely well travelled and able to assist in almost any travel need you may have.

If you tell me what kinds of experiences you enjoy, I will make it happen.  I will provide you with the best tour guides, drivers, and hosts at every destination to provide you with the vacation of your dreams. I will provide you with insider tips and recommendations so you can truly travel “like a local”.


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Independent Luxury Travel Specialist

Just as Thailand’s people, cuisine and wildlife excites me, other parts of Asia are equally enchanting.  The beauty of Viet Nam surprises many.  You have an “Old World Feel” in the north, the beauty of Ha Long Bay and a foodie experience while riding a Vespa in Saigon.  Japan’s modern and old culture combine for an exciting trip throughout the country.

Galapagos is all about wildlife. Sea life and land life combine to make Galapagos an experience that is not duplicated anywhere else in the world.  I can plan a private excursion or a small group tour with gourmet dining that will be a trip to remember the rest of your life. All you must do is get dressed in the morning and we will do the rest.


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