Hello Andrea and Betty!!

I’m realizing that we never thanked your or sent you an update about the trip to Iceland you booked for us!  IT WAS AMAZING!! 😁😁😁

We loved trekking across Iceland!  We made it all the way around the snaefellsnes peninsula and the amazing sites there (found a GREAT restaurant called the “House of Food” up there!), down through landmannalaugar (we loved the hike in the middle of nowhere and the f-roads!), through Vik (and the volcano worries!), and to the glacier lagoon (breath taking!)!!  We saw so many waterfalls, insane landscapes, glaciers, and mountains it was all so amazing!  Truly a once in a lifetime trip!

We are so very appreciative of you all setting it all up for us!!  We are also very appreciative of the flowers you left us in our Reykjavik hotel and they travelled from hotel to hotel with us as well!  1200 miles of fun!!

Thank you again for everything you put together for us!  That’s two AMAZING trips you’ve booked for us and we couldn’t be happier!!   Hope you are well and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 😁. Y’all are awesome!!

Lee and Kelly


Hello, adventure seekers! Andrea Francoso here from AMT Travel, your trusted ally in shaping unforgettable travel experiences. Today we cast our gaze towards an island known for its ethereal beauty and mystic allure; the land of sweeping glacial vistas and bubbling thermal springs – enchanting Iceland.

What to Do in Iceland

Iceland’s unique geography bestows it with a wealth of natural attractions. It’s a paradise for those who love the great outdoors and cherish unique experiences:

  • Gaze at the Dancing Lights: Your Icelandic journey is incomplete without experiencing the arresting beauty of the Auroras. Remember, the darkness of winter maximizes your chances of witnessing this celestial ballet!
  • Explore the Geysirs: Visit Geysir Geothermal Field to observe the natural theatrics of eruptions. A sight to behold!
  • Walk Between Continents: The Eurasian and North American tectonic plates in Þingvellir National Park allow you an exhilarating opportunity to walk between two continents.

Delicious Journey for Your Taste Buds

  • Treat your palate to the traditional Icelandic cuisine, known for its freshness and simplicity. Don’t miss out on:
  • Hákarl: The fermented shark, a national dish that requires an adventurous spirit to experience.
  • Lamb Soup: A warming, hearty dish that reflects the heart of Icelandic comfort food.
  • Skyr: A delicious yogurt-like dairy product that locals have cherished since Viking times!

Embrace the Icelandic Warmth

Icelanders are known for their warmth and welcoming nature. Their strong sense of community and rich history is reflected in their everyday life. Engage in friendly conversations to delve deeper into their Viking heritage and unique lifestyles.

Handpicked Vendors

While planning your travel, remember that Andrea collaborates closely with Kensington Tours and Sita World Tours, as well as local tour companies in Iceland. These close associations ensure a seamless and personalized travel experience, marrying global professionalism with local insights.

Highlight: Hotel Ranga and Farm Stays

Luxuriate in authentic Icelandic charm at Hotel Ranga, the ideal location to experience the magical Northern Lights. Set amidst tranquil landscapes, this boutique hotel assures an unmatched mix of adventure and relaxation. Another must-have experience is the traditional Icelandic Farm Stay. Live with the locals, experience their daily life, and immerse yourself in the stunning, rugged beauty of rural Iceland.

Remember, your journey to Iceland isn’t merely a trip. It’s an experience etched with unforgettable memories and unique stories. And at AMT Travel, we are dedicated to crafting these bespoke journeys, personalized to your liking. Reach me at andrea@amttravel.com or ring at +16269179341 to begin your Icelandic adventure.

Don’t just dream, let’s get you to Iceland!