Here’s a professional travel tip for your consideration when looking to visit the Old Country: do so aboard the luxe accommodations of a cruise line. Frankly, cruising is a fantastic way to explore Europe, offering travelers a unique and hassle-free way to see the continent’s incredible sights. We’ll take a closer look at why that is exactly.

Only Unpack Once

One of the most significant advantages of cruising in Europe is that you only have to unpack once. A comfortable cabin serves as your home base for the duration of your trip through both borders and international waters, which means you don’t have to worry about hauling your luggage from one destination to another. This convenience ultimately allows you to spend more time exploring each destination and less time packing and unpacking.

Getting from A to B Is a Breeze

Another great advantage of cruising through Europe is that you don’t have to worry about the logistical problems of getting from one destination to another. If you’ve ever stressed about traversing a city’s subway system, imagine that situation but across countries and with languages you likely don’t speak. The ship takes care of all the transportation, so you can relax between each port city and focus solely on enjoying the sights and sounds of each destination when visiting.

Multiple Flavors of Vacation in One Trip

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about cruising is waking up to a new destination each and every day. You can explore historic cities one day, visit quaint villages the next and immerse yourself in different cultures without the hassle of having to settle on one destination. Each day brings a new adventure, and you can look forward to discovering something fresh and exciting every time you wake up.

Only One Bill at Checkout

Most of your discretionary spending — room service, shore excursions, that midday daiquiri by the pool, etc. — is part of an all-inclusive package when you cruise in Europe. This feature can be an especially big selling point for those who want to experience all that Europe has to offer without breaking the bank. Of course, your trusted travel agent is ready to help you select the cruise line that fits all your wants and needs.

Meals Out Are a Delight

Onboard dinners are a highlight of any cruise, with gourmet dining options and an array of international cuisine typically available. Case in point: The eateries and dining venues onboard Norwegian Cruise Line cover a wide swath of global flavors and satisfy potential cravings. From barbeque to Brazilian steakhouse, French and Italian fine dining to Japanese sushi and Spanish tapas, Norwegian hosts a variety of options that will tantalize your taste buds.

A Night Out (While Staying In)

If you thought dinner on board cruise ships was decadent, just wait till after dinner. Onboard entertainment is another advantage of a cruise; from Broadway-style shows to live music performances, there is always something to keep you entertained during your voyage. Depending on the cruise line and ship, you may be able to catch a movie under the stars, attend a wine tasting or participate in a dance class. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests may be.

We alluded to it before, but an ideal way to visit Europe is on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. Not only will you have plenty of time to experience the perks and flavors listed above, but you’ll also enjoy cruise itineraries that are known for visiting world-renowned ports. Norwegian Cruise Line carries the label “industry leader” with pride — how can you not when you continuously raise the standards of contemporary cruising?

A perfect example of this is their latest in onboard entertainment with their Prima Class Ships: on the Norwegian Prima, the star of the proverbial show is Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, a Tony Award®-nominated, Broadway sensation making its debut at sea — for your viewing pleasure. On board the Norwegian Viva, yet another Broadway hit awaits with Beetlejuice: The Musical. You may know the story, but this is your chance to experience it like never before with a downright hauntingly good musical.

Finally, our agents know Norwegian Cruise Line well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your cruise vacation to perfection.